Why wisdom tooth extractions are important? | Dentistry on 14
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Why wisdom tooth extractions are important?

wisdom tooth extractions

Why wisdom tooth extractions are important?

Despite the name, a wisdom tooth does not make anyone wiser. The late-stage molars that they are can often cause severe discomfort in your mouth when they erupt from your gums and crowd adjacent teeth. Not only that, but there are recorded cases where wisdom teeth contribute to jaw alignment, cysts, damaging cavities and sinus problems. However, there are some lucky few, who do not face this problem, and that brings up the question, and whether you should remove your wisdom teeth and why wisdom tooth extractions are important. In this post, we will discuss this matter in depth so you can have a clear idea of this matter.


When can these late-stage molars become a problem?

Ideally, wisdom teeth are removed because they harm the rest of the teeth, and it is due to less space for them to grow in. So when they come out, they can grow from various angles in the jaw. Additional issues that arise with wisdom teeth are:

  • They can stay hidden within the jaw, becoming trapped or impacted, leading to infection or abscess, damaging the roots of other teeth and erosion of bone support.
  • If it’s a partial eruption, it can become a hotbed of bacteria resulting in gum disease as well as oral infection.

Some dentists recommend wisdom teeth extraction even if they don’t fully emerge, so there is no damage later on. There’s also the option of extraction at a young age before the teeth and jawbone are fully developed. This is advisable because younger clients will recover quickly, and there are fewer chances of impacted tooth growth.


Time for extraction

Pain is the area is always a telltale sign that it’s time for the teeth to be removed. Other symptoms that you can look out for are recurring infections of the soft tissue behind your teeth, tooth decay, cysts, and gum disease- to name a few.


The importance of the extraction

Some of the reasons why wisdom teeth extraction is important are the following. Please have a look:

  • Avoiding damage to nearby teeth: Once your teeth are already grown, they are already positioned, and the extra set of molars can force them to shift their position. This can cause bite problems, overcrowding of teeth, pain, and make it difficult to brush as well. If extraction is delayed, you may have to go under additional procedures to straighten impacted neighbouring teeth.
  • Prevention of jaw problems: Wisdom teeth can cause jaw problems as well, as they can shift the jawline when they erupt, causing pain. There might be cysts as well, which can hollow out jaw bones and damage the nerve of adjacent healthy teeth.
  • Sinus issues: Yes, you read that right, wisdom teeth can cause sinus problems such as pain and congestion. This can impact your overall oral health. You can avoid it by undergoing the simple procedure of wisdom teeth extraction.


Additionally, they can cause inflamed gums and tooth sensitivity issues. You should know that you can avoid all of these issues by going to your local dentist and letting them extract the root cause, your wisdom teeth. If you are worried about recovery, it would depend on how young or old you are. Speak with our dentist about this matter.

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