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Smile Makeover

A smile is the first impression that you leave upon the person in front of you. At times, it is the last impression as well, if that person was a complete stranger. Therefore, it is crucial not to underestimate its power. In fact, a great smile gives an impression of youthfulness, warmth, and positivity to the person you’re talking to. However, with time teeth begins to lose its natural color and shape and tends to wear down. It affects your smile as well. This is one of the main factors why people associate white teeth with youthfulness. There are a number of treatment options to restore that great, perfect smile on your face. One of the best one available is smile makeover. Availing smile makeover treatment, you can get tooth contouring, bonding, gum lifts and other techniques that ensure a great smile on your face.



A great smile can play a useful role in your confidence and self-esteem. Therefore, even a slightest of crookedness or loss of white color of teeth can lower your confidence. There can be a  multitude of reasons why a person may need a smile makeover.

Some of the reasons why one needs a smile makeover are

  • Tooth color – a person having yellowish-white or brownish white teeth could potentially feel a sense of low self-esteem
  • Proper alignment and spacing between teeth
  • Missing tooth
  • Fuller lips
  • Balance and contoured teeth – uneven or crooked teeth lower a person’s self-esteem


There are multiple reasons why people need smile makeovers. Right from a missing tooth to discoloration of the tooth and other factors.

Some of the most common symptoms are

  • Crooked or chipped teeth
  • Discoloration of teeth
  • Missing or broken tooth

In case you have any of these dental issues, you should consult a dentist and get proper treatment to restore a beautiful smile on your face. There are various combination of smile treatment techniques that can be employed to restore a perfect smile on your face. Consult one of our expert dentists to know more about smile makeovers and effective treatment options available.

The Treatment

Depending on the requirements, there are various treatment techniques employed to give smile makeovers. For some, discoloration of teeth is an issue and teeth whitening technique an effective treatment option. Similarly, tooth contouring helps in fixing the crooked and chipped tooth and aligning them in order to give a great teeth appearance.

Some of the most common smile makeover techniques employed are

  • Teeth whitening – The teeth colour gradually discolors with age, making the teeth color go from white to yellowish white. It affects the smile to a great extent. However, teeth whitening allows you to get your teeth colour whitened.
  • Gum reshaping – For some people, the gum tissues cover more part of the tooth surface than required. Gum reshaping allows you to get this problem fixed and efficiently sport a great smile on your face.
  • Dental Crowns and Bridges – Tooth decay or other such dental problems can be treated with the aid of dental crowns and bridges.
  • Veneers – Some people have crooked or chipped teeth either due at birth or because of an injury. Getting veneers effectively solves this dental problem and restores a beautiful smile on your face.
  • General dental maintenance – Oral health and maintenance go a long way in maintaining healthy looking teeth. We offer all kinds of dental maintenance for your teeth that ensure a sparkling smile on your face.

The Dentistry on 14 Advantage

We at Dentistry on 14, provide state of the art treatment for all dental problems. Right from bridges and crowns to dentures and smile makeovers; we provide dental solutions to all your problems. We are known for our quick, efficient and reliable dental solutions and are considered one of the finest in the Markham area.


To learn more about smile makeovers and the most suitable technique for you, please get in touch with one of our expert dentists at our Markham office today!

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