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Dental Bridges

Prolonged Tooth decay, which leads to missing teeth, is one of the most common dental issues people face these days.

When we have a missing tooth, there are a number of ways to fix your missing teeth. A dental bridge is one of the most common and cost-effective means of doing it. A dental bridge is a permanent replacement for a missing tooth which is made by taking support from adjacent teeth to support and replace the missing tooth. A dental bridge can be made by different types of materials, white metal (Zirconia) or precious metal and covered by porcelain (Glass).


Tooth decay may occur due to a number of reasons, right from high sugar intake to the impact of old age and poor oral hygiene. Bacteria in saliva along with sugar will also cause tooth decay as it deposits plaque on your teeth and gums. If this plaque builds up over time, it will be a reservoir of bacteria and this will eventually breakdown the strongest mineral of our body (enamel) and will lead to cavities. it leads to loss of a tooth or even multiple teeth.

Other major causes of tooth loss are

Health issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure or arthritis (limited dexitrity).

People having an age of more than 40 or over years

Poor dental care and maintenance

Unhealthy and junk food (fast foods).


Tooth decay, which is the preceding stage before tooth loss, may not be painful at all. However, if you have cavities in your teeth and are susceptible to tooth loss, you might experience the following

Brown or blackish gray spots appearing on your teeth

Bad breath

A really unpleasant taste in your mouth

A toothache – without any underlying cause and occurring all of a sudden with continuous pain

Tooth sensitivity – a sharp pain when you try to eat something cold, sweet or hot

These symptoms are quite common in people having cavities. Tooth decay treatment is a lot cheaper and efficient in the early stages as dentists can quickly detect the issue and treat your tooth accordingly. If you notice these symptoms, you should get in touch with one of our expert dentists and consult them for treatment and education for preventing cavities and tooth loss.

The Treatment

However, if you’ve already lost a tooth, and you need to get it fixed to restore your smile and your ability to chew properly, the dental bridge is one of your option. A dental bridge can not only restore your smile but also prevent the remaining teeth from drifting out of its actual position. Therefore, the dental bridge is the best tooth loss treatment option.

Procedure: First, the dentist will create two crowns to make a bridge for the teeth occupying the either side of the missing tooth. These crowns are called abutment teeth and the bridge tooth, or the false tooth, is supported by the abutment teeth.

The Dentistry on 14 Advantage

Experts and board certified specialists to provide this state of art of treatment. Our expert dentists offer quick and efficient treatment for all your dental problems, making us one of the best in the industry in Markham.

From metal based crowns to non-metal ones, we make crowns that match your needs to perfection. After all, bringing a great smile on your face is what we want.

You can know more about your tooth decay problem and proper treatment by visiting us at our Markham office.

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