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Teeth Whitening

A bright smile creates an instant visual impact on the person in front of you. So, the whiter the teeth, the more youthful, confident and warm impact will be. However, most people have a teeth shade of light grayish yellow. This natural color of teeth further darkens over time due to deposition of surface stains. Thus, having a set of clear, white teeth certainly gives your face a great appearance. There are many ways by which you can get clear, white teeth. The best one is the teeth whitening treatment offered by our expert dentists. It not only improves your teeth colour up to several shades but also helps in restoring a great smile on your face.


Just like there are several ways to whiten your teeth, there are multiple reasons for the teeth discoloration as well. The most common reason for discoloration of teeth is age. The baby teeth are whiter than the adult teeth. As one ages, his or her teeth also become darker and stained over time, discoloring the white, natural color of the teeth. This is one of the major reasons why people having whiter teeth appear youthful.

Some other causes of discoloration of teeth are –

Genetic reasons

Certain foods and drinks


Internal tooth discoloration due to high fluoride levels

Poor dental hygiene and maintenance

Environmental factors


Teeth discoloration generally happens over an extended period of time. Thus, most people do not realize this until their teeth become a lot darker than it normally was. However, some of the major symptoms of teeth discoloration include

Yellowish-gray, brownish-yellow teeth

Green or orange stains on the teeth surface

Brownish yellow patches on the teeth surface

If you can notice these signs on your teeth, your teeth are becoming discoloured. Getting early teeth whitening treatment is far more effective than taking it later because your teeth can only improve for a certain level. You can also get in touch with one of your expert dentists to learn more about your teeth discoloration problem and possible treatment options available.

The Treatment

There are a number of teeth whitening treatment options available, right from over the counter medications to the treatment provided by expert dentists. Most people prefer the latter option as over the counter medications may harm your gums or teeth in the teeth whitening process. Further, dentists apply stronger agents under due care which whitens your teeth by many shades in quick time.

Procedure: The dentist uses a strong agent on your teeth to whiten the teeth shade. Your gums are covered and protected from this agent during the process. The agent used by dentists also has a buffer that protects your enamel from damage. This process is quite effective, and it can efficiently whiten your teeth to several shades. Teeth whitening may last for several years, depending on your lifestyle before the discoloration starts again.

The Dentistry on 14 Advantage

We have a team of certified dentists that provide state of the art treatment. Right from teeth whitening to tooth loss treatments, we offer a wide range of solutions to all your dental problems. After all, bringing a smile on your face is what we want. For teeth whitening treatment, our dentists apply a special agent that protects your enamel during the treatment, ensuring best results for your teeth.

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To know more about your teeth discoloration problem and how we can help you, please consult with one of our dentists at our Markham office. Remember, we’re just a visit away!

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