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How Dentistry on 14 offers quality root canal treatments

How Dentistry on 14 offers quality root canal treatments

Are you suffering from dental problems related to the pulp or nerve? Head on down to Dentistry On
14 in Markham for top-class root canal treatments at competitive prices. Root canal treatments are
an ideal alternative to tooth extraction. If the patient’s gums are healthy and the tooth has good bone
support, it stands a fair chance of it being saved. A root canal treatment is less expensive when
compared to other dental procedures. Dental implants, even bridgework cost more than a root canal

How does one know they need a root canal?

When your pulp gets infected or inflamed, you will feel the below-mentioned symptoms that will
enable you to take necessary action.

  • Toothache: This is a pretty common symptom. A few toothaches point to the possibility of infected or inflamed pulp. If you are experiencing sharp pain that leads to a headache, then there is a great chance your root tooth might be in trouble.
  • Abscess: If you happen to notice a bump near the part of a tooth or in the mouth, there is a good chance it is an abscess and you might need to get a root canal treatment.
  • Sensitivity: If you are experiencing a lot of pain when consuming hot or cold foods.
  • Discolouration: When your tooth has a dark discolouration, it is a sign of the pulp deteriorating. This must not be ignored. Schedule an appointment with the team at Dentistry on 14 today for reliable root canal treatment in Markham.

What does a root canal treatment involve?

On the day of the procedure, our dentist will administer a local anaesthetic to the affected area of the
tooth. Then, they will isolate the affected tooth area with a rubber dam protecting it from bacteria and
saliva during the procedure. To start, the dentist will need to gain entry into the inner tooth. If a crown
has been placed, it needs to be removed. Any filling materials that block the root canals will also be
removed. The dentist will use an ultrasonic handpiece to remove any unwanted material. To clean and
reshape the root canals, a tiny instrument will be used. If the dentist needs to undertake a complex
treatment, a medicated packing material will be applied. Once the endodontist gives the green light
that the root canals are spotless, the dentist will use a rubbery material to seal the canal preventing any
possible bacterial infection. Lastly, a temporary crown will be applied to the tooth till it heals for the
permanent crown to be placed. To find out more information on root canal treatments, speak to our
staff today.

Don’t Wait! Schedule an appointment with Dentistry on 14 today

If you are experiencing recurring pain, then you should visit us immediately. Prevention is better than
cure. Rather have it saved than have it extracted. Delaying a root canal can cause a lot of pain,
swelling, and spreading of the infection. Please do not hesitate to book an appointment with our
dentist today for root canal treatment in Markham.

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