Cosmetic Clear Braces: Transform Your Appearance in Six Months
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Cosmetic Clear Braces: Transform Your Appearance in Six Months

Cosmetic Clear Braces: Transform Your Appearance in Six Months

We all know the hassles of having crooked teeth. If you are self-conscious, you will be trying to hide your teeth at all times and that can become very annoying. However, with the advancements in orthodontics, you can straighten your teeth with the help of braces. Before it was done with the help of metal braces, however, nowadays, there are clear braces that can change the appearance of your teeth within six months.

The primary purpose of these braces is to align the upper and lower jaw so all the teeth come together as they are supposed to. On the other hand, you may get braces to properly align your teeth by pulling them inward to eliminate gaps. 

Three ways clear braces can change your appearance

  • Close all the gaps in your teeth:

It is common for anyone to experience uneven tooth growth. This leads to gaps in the teeth which can create problems when you are chewing food. Furthermore, is you being self-conscious when smiling. Clear braces are an excellent option to fix this issue.

With traditional braces, it might take a long time, but with clear braces, you will notice a change in a couple of months, and you will eventually see those gaps close. As far as facial changes go, if it is just your teeth that are being targeted for change, you will be happy with the end results. 

  • Correct overbites and under bites:

Overbites and under bites typically can cause your facial features to look asymmetrical or skewed. It can cause you to look as if you have a weak chin or sunken features with the former. The latter can cause the bottom jaw to stick out.

Fortunately, both issues are fixable. With the use of clear braces, Invisalign can coax your upper and lower jaws into alignment. You can be ready for some amazing results.

  • Aligning your jaw to correct an open bite:

The term ‘open bite’ refers to a condition where all your teeth do not meet at all in the middle, as they are supposed to. This can make closing your mouth, chewing and talking exceedingly difficult. Just like an under bite or overbite, it can cause your facial features to look asymmetrical.

However, with Clear Braces, Invisalign, you can correct the jaw alignment and successfully align the teeth so that they come together properly. Overall, this type of treatment will, over time, improve your quality of life and confidence.

Facial changes after clear braces, Invisalign

It’s pretty rare that a person’s face is perfectly symmetrical and it’s often barely noticeable that it’s not. However, sometimes there can be discrepancies that you begin to notice in the jaw. In these cases, clear braces or Invisalign can improve an asymmetrical face. Invisalign shifts the teeth and jaws, which alters the angles between the lips and nose, which can make the nose look a little different. It can make you look younger as well. If you are looking for clear braces or Invisalign treatments, you can contact Dentistry on 14, they can help you with it. Schedule an appointment today.  

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